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Cleaning Wedding Preservation

Wedding gown preservation is a specialty we’ve worked hard to perfect at W & W Dry Cleaners. In fact, we handle gowns from around the United States, using a unique, museum-quality, nine-step process.

Wedding preservation to hand clean, press and package your gown ensures it will remains as beautiful as the day you wore it for generations to come.

The preservation process starts with a with a gown inspector. After locating obvious areas of attention - loose hems or intricate beading - we examine the gown using an ultraviolet lamp. This is to find stains invisible to the naked eye, such as champagne or cake icing. Then, we clean each stain individually, and make textile and ornamentation repairs. Next, our finishers press and iron the gown by hand, carefully following the designer’s lines. Finally, our inspectors then evaluate the dress to ensure you’re receiving it in the best possible condition.

Our fine attention to detail means wedding gowns we preserve last longer: each preservation is intended to last indefinitely.