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Dry Cleaning

Attention to detail - it separates those who are stylish from those who merely own stylish wardrobes. And it separates W&W Dry Cleaners from mediocre dry cleaners in an industry where status quo is all too often accepted as good enough.

We know you notice when a cleaner misses the details - missing trim, cracked buttons, a double crease.  At W&W Dry Cleaners, we notice these things too. That’s why we remove buttons and mend seams before your clothes are cleaned. And that's why we employ a comprehensive set of tools and dry cleaning solvents.

For instance, our technicians may treat a coffee stain three separate times to address each component of the stain: the cream, the sugar, and finally, the coffee itself. Experienced seamstresses are on hand to make minor repairs – often before clients even notice!

Our dry cleaning process is painstaking and labor-intensive. And we wouldn't have it any other way. If you expect more from your cleaner, please contact us.