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Our Cleaning Process

At W&W Dry Cleaners we care about the environment just as much as the next guy, maybe even more.  Are we going to close our business because it is regulated by the EPA?  No, people need Dry Cleaning and we love what we do.  If we didn’t we wouldn’t be here.

We have made investments to be Green. We have a state-of-the-art multi solvent dry cleaning machine installed so we can stay on top of the trends. We clean a majority of the clothes in DF-2000 and safer, more delicate cleaning fluid than perc.

Perc has been the standard for many, many years. Don’t get me wrong, perc is good and we still have a perc machine for those clothes that need to be cleaned in perc.

We also do wet cleaning - the greenest of all cleaning processes -because it uses water like your home washer.  It is just a big, really smart washer and dryer and uses really high tech soap!