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Pest Control

Bed bugs stink, and nobody knows it better than W&W Dry Cleaners. We’ve cleaned up these pests since before their recent resurgence. If you think you may have been exposed to bed bugs, call us first.

We offer a comprehensive textile treatment to eliminate bed bugs in items not safe to exterminate. We’ll remove anything we can pack up and bring it back to our state-of-the-art plant for hygienic, eco-sensitive bed bug removal. We clean clothing, bedding, and more. And after you’ve had professional extermination in your home, we’ll come back to clean their mess and remove any of the critters they killed.

Our professional cleaning crews are prompt, professional and use only HEPA vacuums. After they’ve covered your home from top to bottom, they’ll position all your furnishings just the way they were, just like we were never there.

After bed bugs, we help you rest easy. Sleep tight, we'll make it right.